Our Foundation

New Orleans Martinet Legal Foundation, Inc.
New Orleans

“Promoting justice and equality in our community through leadership and educational programming.”

In 1998, the New Orleans Martinet Legal Foundation was incorporated as the 501(c)(3) arm of the organization. Through the Foundation, Martinet awards scholarships to law school students and participates or sponsors other community projects.

Community Projects

In an effort to promote and enhance the lives of deserving law students, the New Orleans Martinet Legal Foundation, in conjunction with the Greater New Orleans Louis A. Martinet Legal Society, have awarded scholarships to students from Louisiana State Law School, Loyola University Law School, Southern University Law School, and Tulane Law School since 1982. The organization is proud to have provided financial assistance to law school students who pursue their legal education in our community.

Law School for High School Students
Students operate in a law school environment that gives them the opportunity to work on their analytical, research, writing and oratory skills. The program will track students through high school, college and, hopefully, their law school education.

Legal Fairs
One of the oldest community projects through Martinet, the members participate in community fairs that provide citizens with information about the workings of the legal system, and most importantly the rights and responsibilities each person has within that system.

Martin Luther King Oratory Contest
An initiative of the National Bar Association, the MLK Oratory Contest is open to graduating high school seniors. Participants are judged on their writing and oral advocacy skills. Local winners advance to the regional competition (LA, TX, and MS) where they compete for the chance to participate in the national competition held at the NBA’s annual convention. Contestants compete for the opportunity to win savings bonds and scholarships.

Video Documentary
The New Orleans Martinet Legal Foundation is currently producing a historical documentary chronicling the life of Louis A. Martinet and the history of the Greater New Orleans Louis A. Martinet Legal Society. The video will be used to educate the community about the role of African American lawyers in the history of New Orleans.

Speaker’s Bureau
Members of the Foundation are available to speak at schools (middle school and above) or community forums about various legal issues and the practice of law as a career. Arrangements may be made by placing a call or sending a fax to the numbers listed.

New Orleans Martinet Legal Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 56696
New Orleans, Louisiana 70156-6696
Telephone: (504) 599-8280
Facsimile: (504) 599-8289

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