Hurricane Litigation Pilot Program

The Judges of Orleans Parish Civil District Court, First and Second City Court are pleased to announce the start of its Hurricane Litigation Pilot Program. The Judges have created this pilot program in an effort to expedite all Hurricane Katrina and Rita insurance lawsuits. This pilot program will allow plaintiffs to resolve their insurance related disputes within six to eight months after filing their petitions. Such cases can normally take years to reach resolution!

Orleans Civil Court Judge Nadine Ramsey, who chairs the Hurricane Litigation Pilot Program committee, explains the Judges of the Court developed the program in order to better serve the public in the wake of the catastrophic damage caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Judge Ramsey says, “The Court recognizes the hardships the citizens of New Orleans have been through as the result of the hurricanes. In an effort to bring an accelerated resolution to hurricane related insurance litigation the Judges of the Court have committed to moving these cases expeditiously so that the citizens of this city can reach a definitive resolution to their insurance claims in a timely fashion. The Court believes that this program will be beneficial to all parties involved in these matters.” Judge Ramsey says as a further convenience case management order forms and local rules are available for downloading from the Civil Court website,

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